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10xC is a tech startup seed fund. We have pooled money together for an experiment in Pakistan where we make small investments across a large number of entrepreneurs and provide advisory support as needed. With nearly 65% of the Pakistani population under the age of 35, Pakistan's future is ripe with new business opportunities in a digital economy. Technology has changed our ability to solve problems, whether they represent traditional problems that can be solved faster with code, or new problems that arise as more technology is adopted. 10xC was built to invest in those technologies.

10xC is a part of the PlanetN Group of Companies, but we are not PlanetN Group's corporate fund. 10xC makes tech investments regardless of industry or vertical, whereas PlanetN Group invests in later-stage companies in specific verticals. 10xC investments receive PlanetN Group resources but are not restricted by PlanetN Group activities. PlanetN Group can decide whether or not to invest in 10xC startups at a later stage, but otherwise operate independently of the Group. To learn more about the PlanetN Group of companies, visit www.PlanetNGroup.com

Board of Advisor

Nadeem Hussain

Co-Founder & Chairman, 10xC | Founder & Coach, PlanetN Group of Companies | Founder & CEO, Tameer Microfinance Bank (acquired by Telenor 2016)

Saif Akhtar

Co-Founder & CEO, 10xC

Nizar Muhammed

Managing Director, Eastern Garments | Founding Director, Tameer Microfinance Bank


Shyam Lal

CFO, PlanetN Group

Zahir Kazi

CFO, 10xC

Riaz Ahmed

Portfolio & Corporate Alision Manager, 10xC

Adeel Raees

IT Manager, PlanetN Group

Bharat Manglia

Finance Manager, 10xC

Anum Khan

Operations Manager, 10xC

Faizan Aziz

Compliance Manager, PlanetN Group

Myra Faiz

Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs, PlanetN Group

Shahryar Raza

Head of International Business, PlanetN Group

Gone but not forgotten

The people who are no longer working with 10xC but whom have helped us along the way. We are thankful for their support.

Ammad Soomro

Web Developer & Graphic Designer. He made our logo.

Priya Bhojwani

Executive Assistant. She helped us manage our workload.

Majid Ali Shah

Generalist & Admin. He helped us organize our office & data.

Investment Committee

The people who help us pick whom we'll invest in. Direct referrals from within the Investment Committee are reviewed with priority.

  • Zameer Qureshi - CEO, Starcrest.com.pk
  • Saher Ahmed Khan - Chief Creative Officer, Starcrest.com.pk
  • Furquan Kidwai - CEO, Dawaai.pk
  • Nasir Ali Shah - CTO, Dawaai.pk
  • Sumair Farooqui - CEO, KarloCompare.com.pk
  • Ali Ladhubhai - COO, KarloCompare.com.pk
  • Yasser Pasha - CEO, Tapmad.com
  • Salim Karim - CEO, SimPaisa.com
  • Imran Moinuddin - CEO, DataLift
  • Humza Hussain - Co-Founder, TezFinancialServices.pk
  • Naureen Hayat - Co-Founder, TezFinancialServices.pk
  • Shoaib Lalani - Business Head, TezFinancialServices.pk
  • Shoaib Lalani - Business Head, TezFinancialServices.pk
  • Ehsan-Ul-Haq - CTO, TezFinancialServices.pk
  • Danyal Manzar - CEO, BlockchainTech.com.pk
  • Zain Tariq - COO, BlockchainTech.com.pk
  • Asad Batla - CEO, Blockchain Solutions
  • Jawwad Rizvi - CEO, Ordercall.pk
  • Tajammul Hussain, CEO, LoveForData.com
  • Noman Khalid - Chief Data Architect, LoveForData.com
  • Moiz Khan - CEO, Simple.pk
  • Basil Ansari - COO, Simple.pk
  • Arshad Quayyum - CEO, Evantagesoft.com
  • Nadeem Hussain - Coach, PlanetN Group
  • Nizar Muhammed - Board Member, 10xC
  • Syed Salim Reza - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Sherry Rehman - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Sadeq Sayeed - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Tariq Mohar - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Elwy Taymour - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Lauren Arnold - Board Member, PlanetN Group
  • Sara Jane Ho - Board Member & Head, PlanetN China
  • Philip Graf Von Dreschel - Head, PlanetN Germany
  • Ping He - Head, PlanetN Silicon Valley
  • Oliver Muller - Head, PlanetN Dubai
  • Mahboob Mahmood - Head, PlanetN Singapore
  • Shahryar Reza - Head of International Business, PlanetN Group
  • Shyam Lal - CFO, PlanetN Group
  • Myra Faiz - Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs, PlanetN Group