What is the difference between incubation and acceleration
What is 10xC accelerator?
What is the difference between 10xC and PlanetN Group Companies
What are the application requirements?
When can I apply to a 10xC cohort
How 10xC evaluate idea stage startup?
How are the applications evaluated?
How long 10xC hold an equity startup?
Who is behind the accelerator?
What will I get out of being in 10xC cohort?
How many startups will be drafted per cohort?
Why do you have equity in incubated startups?
I have an idea but no team, Can I apply?
Do you sign an NDA?
I have further questions. Who should I contact?
Do we need to write a business plan?
How much do you invest?
Can we submit two applications?
Can a single person apply for funding?
I do not have technical expertise, Can you help me out?
What is the average age of people you fund?
Do you give feedback on application results?