Bun ka Baap

Bun ka Baap, just like the name, traces it’s ancestry from the inner streets of Karachi. Where it is loved cherished and enjoyed.

Although bun kabab is not new to the people of Karachi, but the Idea is to serve people in a way they are being served in any big fast food restaurant. And it is because of that that we rely heavily on the way it is being presented

The story of Bun Ka Baap is not new but unique in every aspect. Authentic taste, Hygiene and Value for money is the USP of Bun Ka Baap’s team.


Management/Conceptual: Zain Mukhi
Business Development/Marketing: Asad Merchant
PR/HR: Hassan Liaqat
Operations/Supply Chain: Fayzan Dada


  • www.bunkabaap.com
  • amaad@bunkabaap.com
  • www.facebook.com/bunkabaap
  • www.twitter.com/bunkabaap
  • www.linkedin.com/in/bunkabaap


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