Shadi Shenanigans

Shadi Shenanigans caters to local and foreign Pakistani brides who wish to shop online for their upcoming weddings or need assistance in their wedding preparations.

The E-commerce Pakistani Wedding Portal takes the stress out of wedding shopping especially for brides who live abroad and don’t have access to the local markets in Pakistan.

Shadi Shenanigans offers an online shop with a range of wedding products along with the service of a personal shopper for those who wish to purchase a specific wedding item.

Shadi Shenanigans also offers booking managers for those who need assistance in booking vendors for their big day on a specific date. Brides no longer have to worry about not being able to book their favorite make-up artists or wedding hall through this service.

The platform also offers wedding assistants who work closely with the brides via Shadi Shenanigans Mobile app to help the bride coordinate her wedding requirements. For example, if a bride is getting a dress designed in Pakistan, Shadi Shenanigans wedding assistant will coordinate with the bride abroad and the designer throughout the process.

It will soon be offering online vendor booking services and custom wedding packages.

Run by a real bride who struggled with her wedding preparations while living abroad, Shafaq O. set out to make wedding dreams come true for all her fellow brides regardless of their location.


CEO: Shafaq O.

CTO: Omair Shaikh

Content Manager: Ambreen Rehman Khan

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