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Pre-Seed Accelerator

Products with little to no customers today with potential to scale within the next 2-5 years. This can be offered by 10xC as the only participant, or as a co-investment with someone who can add value to your startup. 10xC reserves the right to deny co-investment requests.

Who Should Apply

I have a team and a prototype in mind, but we haven't built it yet - Can we apply?
YES! Share your sketches or initial prototype in the application. We have invested in concepts before development of the final product before and are not afraid to do so again as long as we can understand your vision and ability to execute your plans.

Some of our team members are students & still enrolled in classes - Will you still invest?
YES! You are not restricted or told how to spend your time. 10xC will not be managing you or bossing you around - It's up to your team whether your startup grows. We have invested in students between the ages of 16-26 before and are not afraid to invest in similar Founders again.

I'm a professional with permission from my employer to work on my startup - Can I apply?
YES! As long as you are not restricted by employer contracts or objections, 10xC is happy to invest in professionals interested in starting their own companies. Whether you focus 100% on your startup or grow it while being employed is your decision, but we will not authorize salaries for part-time Founders until they are focused full-time on their startups.

  • 1) PKR 1M in exchange for 10-20% equity - PKR 50k will be reserved for legal/incorporation fees. There is no program fee.
  • 2) 10xC's equity dilutes at the same rate as the Founders. We do not receive preferred stock.
  • 3) We do not provide office space. Instead, we are available 24/7 via our office in Karachi, email, phone and Whatsapp. You can work where you're most comfortable.
  • 4) 10xC can co-invest up to PKR 10M through the Seed fund with another accredited investor. This offer is only available as co-investment. Not guaranteed - Depends on the startups' growth.
  • 5) There is no revenue-sharing or profit-sharing as part of this funding. 10xC only makes money if someone purchases our shares in an acquisition, investment or IPO.
  • 6) 10xC receives 1 Board seat with 1 vote. 10xC gives up that seat to the next investor in the startup unless 10xC co-invests in that next round.
  • 7) 10xC is a co-signer on each check for company expenses until the company crosses PKR 1M in verified revenue into the company's bank account.
  • 8) There is no restriction on who can invest in the startup after 10xC. We do not have first right of refusal - Investment decisions are taken through a Board vote within the startup.
  • 9) If you know an accredited investor or university who is willing to invest PKR 500k into your startup, 10xC may co-invest. Contact us for more details.
  • 10) We expect Founders to follow our corporate governance standards, which means Board update meetings once every 3 months, strict compliance with local/federal laws & taxes, and an annual audit to reconcile accounts.
  • 11) Founders are never expected to pay the money back to 10xC unless they breach the ethics clause as part of their Shareholding Agreement.