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Companies with a sustainable or growing customer base.

Who Can Apply

We are a small team with a prototype requiring more than PKR 1M to launch to market - Can I apply for Seed funding instead of Pre-Seed?
YES! If your idea is scalable and requires more funding than PKR 1M to get to market, please apply. We will review your proposal and make an offer as necessary.

We have a customer base that generates enough revenue for us to cover monthly OPEX - Can we use your funding to experiment more?
YES! Our preference is for seed-funded startups to use 10xC's investment to grow their existing customer base or experiment for new opportunities.

I'm a professional with permission from my employer to work on my startup - Can I apply?
YES! As long as you are not restricted by employer contracts or objections, IOxC is happy to invest in professionals interested in starting their own companies. Whether your focus 100% on your startup or grow it while working is your decision.

  • PKR 5M-20M for 200/0-400/0 as a Convertible Note. Offer generated on a case by case basis.
  • There is no revenue-sharing or profit-sharing. 10xC only makes money if someone purchases our shares in an acquisition, investment or IPO.
  • 10xC receives 1 Board seat with 1 vote after providing Pre-Seed funding.
  • IOxC has right of first refusal for follow-on funding.

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