We invest in Pakistani tech startups

10xC invests in technology startups every February and August each year. Every investment receives PKR 1M funding upfront, with the ability to receive up to PKR 10M from 10xC after showing growth in revenue, users or IP.

We have funded sketches on paper, prototypes, incubator graduates, students and startups making less than PKR 2.5M in revenue. We can fund you too!


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What do we fund?

Anything that can scale. We're not restricted by any industry or vertical. If the Founders can show us they can bootstrap a PKR 1M investment into sustainable PKR 100k/month or more in revenue, 10xC will most likely fund them at pre-seed and seed.

Pre-Seed Funding

Execution is everything. Our 4-month pre-seed program doesn't have a curriculum - It's not a training exercise, it's trial by fire. We don't have mentors. Instead, we coordinate business meetings with industry stakeholders for our portfolio to close deals with.

For startups that haven't launched in market, these 4 months are focused on market validation and serving a certain amount of customers. For startups that have launched and made a small amount of revenue, the focus shifts to maintain a steady stream of revenue to fuel growth.

At the beginning of the pre-seed program, 10xC will invest PKR 1M in exchange for 20% equity. At the end of the pre-seed program, every participant is considered for follow-on funding of up to PKR 10M - This offer is not guaranteed, nor are the Founders required to accept if offered.

Our main office is in Karachi, but we have invested in teams residing in Lahore and Islamabad. Have what it takes? Apply now to find out.

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Shadi Shenanigans Shadi Shenanigans

Seed Funding

The Pre-Seed program is a 4-month review. This is when 10xC and it's Investment Committee determines which investments are showing signs of growth vs those which remain stagnant. If 95% of all startups fail, the follow-on Seed funding of PKR 10M is for those who do reach sustainability within the first 12-18 months of the pre-seed program.

Investments who receive Seed funding from 10xC receive additional business development and back-office support from 10xC, PlanetN and our partners. This offer is not a guarantee to Pre-Seed participants, nor are Founders required to accept 10xC's follow-on offer if presented. 10xC actively works with other angel & professional investors to invest in it's portfolio at terms the Founders deem appropriate.

Bun Ka Baap Bun Ka Baap
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How does it work?

Apply through our application form. Once proposals are received, applicants are contacted for more questions, demos, supporting documents and technology audits. All investment offers are made via email to applicants 1 week before that cohort is scheduled to begin.


Applications are accepted between June-August and December-February every year.

Due Diligence

We'll review your application, call you a few times with questions and eventually ask you to present to our Investment Committee in person or over Skype.


Offers are sent out to applicants a week before the Pre-Seed program is scheduled to start.

What does 10xC offer?

10xC gives unprecedented access to customers and investors via our network of partners around Pakistan. Our job is to help you focus on your execution.

  • Experience
    Funded and managed by tech entrepreneurs who have failed miserably more times than they've been successful.
  • No Curriculum
    Learn by doing what you need to scale, not from class.
  • No mentors
    Every guest or meeting we schedule has one goal - Get you business.
  • Ecosystem
    Brainpower, funding & resources available at your disposal to scale via the PlanetN Group of Companies.

Our Partners

Our strategic partner network is developed to get our portfolio traction. We work closely with the following organizations via MoUs and SLAs to mutually assist the Pakistan startup ecosystem.


Greenwich University

Iqra University

Usman Institute


Planet N