Feedience – One Stop Digital Platform


Entertainment and social value is a difficult mix, it requires innate inclination towards societal challenges and its appropriate representation for the people to understand. Feedience, a digital platform, has taken up the challenge to meet this difficult mix.

Feedience, short for feed-the-audience, is incubated at 10xC – the Accelerator. Pitching their theatrical production house, the idea took a much larger approach and modified into a digital platform when they received feedback from 10xC.

“My background is of content production and that is what I want to pursue,” said Irfan, Director at Feedience. “We worked in theatre and presented social issues in an entertaining fashion.

When we applied to 10xC, the feedback and brainstorming made us realize we can take this to several levels high. That’s where we joined 10xC as a digital platform, achieving essentially the same objective but reaching out to a whole lot more audience.”

Discovering 10xC through Nadeem Hussain’s post on LinkedIn, who is the cofounder and chairman of10xC, the team applied in July and began their incubation in August.

“The difference is worlds apart,” Irfan emphasized. “It has been a learning experience. The exposure to corporate world has been immense, the mentors have been great and availability of so many resources at short time has proved invaluable for our work.”

Irfan works with a dedicated team with proper division of roles. Himself with his friend Tehmasip as the Directors, they are supported by Haziq (CTO), Danial (Editor) and two Videographers Talal and Mishaal. They work round the clock to create video, text and image based content.

Already active over social media, Feedience is generating a variety of content on its Facebook page. The startup has an active website, presence over Twitter and YouTube, and will be launching mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Feedience aims to become the primary digital content platform for millennial in Pakistan; high quality content in a variety of forms, bringing awareness and triggering positive emotions among its viewers.

The content type won’t be restricted to standard entertainment formulae that various digital platforms employ. Feedience plans on releasing its own mockumentary web series in the first quarter of 2017.

“Our content is educational and it helps the audience to think without getting bored or depressed,” Irfan highlighted. “We want to challenge the audience and break the clutter of mindless entertainment.”

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