Shadi Shenanigans – Digital Launch


What happens when a foreign passionate blogger gets engaged but finds little to no help online with her wedding preparations online. Shadi Shenanigans happens.

Shafaq O. was a project manager by day and a blogger by night who started a small blog related to her wedding process and how tiring it can get for a Pakistani bride abroad. She resided in the UAE but her friends in Canada and in the United States felt exactly the same way.

She soon averaged 50,000 page views per month and the rest is history. She turned her blogging interests into a platform that will cater to the bride local and abroad. How? Let’s find out.

“Majority of the brides abroad rely on their friends and family in Pakistan or fly down themselves to prepare for their wedding. It’s nice when they do it willingly but what about the brides who have to put aside a huge travel cost associated with the process, it’s not fun for many – they would rather spend their money on buying their favorite pair of shoes for their big day or on pampering themselves”
says Shafaq.

Shadi Shenanigans is taking out the stress in being distant from Pakistani Markets for even those who are abroad. It offers a simple solution, whatever you need for your wedding, you get.

First off is the service of a “Personal Shopper”. If brides see something they like and want to have for their wedding, all they have to do is upload an image on the Shadi Shenanigans portal and get in touch with the team. The team is then going to work towards sourcing and shipping that product to the concerned bride.

Secondly, brides would never have to worry about “not being able to book their preferred vendors on their big day in Pakistan”. Shadi Shenanigans will carry out the booking process for them even if the bride resides outside of Pakistan, at a very little cost.

Another exciting offer that Shadi Shenanigans is going to offer is a Wedding Assistant. Brides get an assistant who will be working towards all their bridal needs from Pakistan online! Who doesn’t need a bridal bestie for their big day!

With this assistant, brides will be able to coordinate with bridal dress designers, make-up artists, make bookings and finalize decor with caterers and meet with event management companies. The assistant can also order wedding cards or favors for the bride and ship it to them. The possibilities are endless.

They will be getting access to a mobile app that will allow brides to communicate directly anytime they want – day or night!

The platform has a built in Store and a Forum where brides can get in touch on the portal itself and discuss their needs.

It also has a Blog Section where they will be receiving a lot of helpful information and a lot of free goodies to prepare for their big day.

“Shadi Shenanigans will be soon offering custom wedding packages and vendor booking services as well”, Shafaq said, “It just doesn’t stop here”.

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