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Preparation for entrance exams is a major challenge for students in Pakistan. Majority of them are exposed to scattered information, confusing strategies, pseudo exam preparation experts and plenty of misguidance. As a result, a good number of hopefuls either poorly perform or they skip the exam altogether.

The Unipedia wants to change that.

The Unipedia is a one-stop preparation platform for students in Pakistan.

“We want to level the playing field and make test preparation standardized for the students,” said Ali Gohar Wassan, cofounder of The Unipedia. “There is too much fear and confusion in the youth when they prepare for entrance examinations, mostly due to lack of information and guidance. They end up making errors in judgment, putting their future at risk.

We have added preparation material for ECAT and MCAT examinations, and the preparation process is comparable to the best exam preparation platforms globally.”

In recent years various institutions in Pakistan have started to lean towards standardized tests, some of which are conducted by NTS (National Testing Services) for both private and government institutions. While the acceptability of standardized testing is on the rise, the preparation of it is still in infancy.

“There is no way to prepare for the exams except to buy various preparatory material and hope the exams turn out to be easy,” Ali Gohar explained the dilemma. “The student would be lucky to find the right preparation material, and hundreds of others would be lost because they have no clue what to do.”

Ali Gohar and his cofounder Mubbasher were incubated at The NEST I/O in early 2016 and applied for 10xC after coming across Nadeem Hussain’s post on LinkedIn. The startup was selected for the first cohort and has been accelerating towards growth ever since.

“We have received great response ever since we joined 10xC,” Ali Gohar shared his experience. “The feedback from mentors and The Unipedia’s possible impact on academia has motivated us a lot. We can literally change students lives, irrespective of where they live.”

The Unipedia has been actively improving quality of test questions with the help of seasoned examiners and teachers from relevant fields. With more paid customers joining the platform, work has commenced to add preparation for other examinations to the list.

“NTS is important because there is no unified and standardized test preparation for its exams, despite the fact that thousands of candidates appear for every exam test organized by them. With a standardized approach, it will make life easier for everyone.”

Already 500+ students have secured admission in NED University Karachi, Mehran UET Jamshoro and Dow University by preparing through The Unipedia. The self-assessment process identified weak areas in their preparation, helping them overcome and attempt the exams with more confidence.

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