TownsMate – On Demand Delivery Service


“Delivery service and freelancing, does that work somehow?”

Unique combinations are hard to develop and synergize, and that is exactly what Mustafa and Ibrahim experienced during a brainstorming session. Bringing together two very different concepts, a delivery service and freelance work, was no small task.

But that is what they exactly did.

TownsMate, an on-demand delivery app, allows you to order anything from the market be it groceries, food items and even the daily items like yogurt. It also allows freelance delivery providers to sign up and deliver the goods to people in their neighborhood and earn a decent amount of money on each delivery.

“We had a great urge to start a business while still in university” said Mustafa, CEO of TownsMate. “We cooked up a lot of ideas and discussed them thoroughly. Then one day Ibrahim, Chairman of TownsMate, thought and shared if delivery service and freelancing can be combined somehow. We reached the conclusion that this idea could work, by incorporating it in a mobile app using the geo-location of the people in different parts of the city. We wrote down as many possibilities as we could before getting caught up with exams.”

The idea remained in infancy until Mustafa noticed an old laborer, working in the neighborhood, began on-demand visits to market and brings requested items for a small fee. It was one or two houses at first, and then majority of the neighborhood started availing his services.

“That’s how we realized something like this would work,” Mustafa said. “While working on the concept, I came across the LinkedIn post of Nadeem Hussain and within an hour we applied for the incubation program with TownsMate idea. We were invited for the interview, grilled over it and eventually accepted for incubation. We then completed our team with our CTO, Mohammad, who is the man behind all our technology and app development”

TownsMate is a hybrid app made for both iOS and Android devices. It searches for riders in your area and you can request them to bring specific items from a shop of your choosing. The app has a tracking system that allows user to see progress of the rider, making sure he goes to the right shop, and how far he is from intended destination.

“The tracking will be real-time and we will be adding stores and their inventories to our app,” Mustafa shared his plans for TownsMate. “In the beginning we will tie up with larger stores and integrate their inventory with our app. This will help in getting items that are available, from a store that is reliable. There would be different delivery packages as well, so the customers can choose if they want immediate delivery or a few hours later.”

The app is currently under trial in some parts of Karachi city. The sample size deals with various combinations and scenarios, both the nature of requests and the nature of clients that requested, to test out idea’s feasibility and discover any issues with the app. Once the pilot testing concludes, TownsMate will be made available to public.

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